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site map

Site Map 






What we grow here (outdoors): perennial flowers, currents, Nanking cherries ,flowering crab apples, summer vegetable garden

What we grow here (indoors): organic vegetables & herbs, fig tree, geraniums, houseplants, variety of cacti, veggie starts for area community gardens

The community greenhouse consists of a passive solar, adobe building, which demonstrates what good solar design can provide to the entire region.

Adjacent to the greenhouse is a quarter acre garden space where we grow food as well as medicinal herbs.

  • 1,600 sq ft garden
  • 950 sq ft greenhouse
  • organic vegetable & herb garden
  • demonstration xeric garden


We have a very short growing season, and to top it off, a 7" annual precipitation in our high mountain valley desert. 

Our outdoor gardens are laid out on a drip irrigation system.  We practice crop rotation, companion planting, organic additives, and good bugs eating bad bugs (aka biological controls). 

We encourage others to garden communally by supplying free starts for other community gardens.  We host an open house each spring and sell additional seedling starts to raise funds for our gardening efforts. 









Community Greenhouse at 12th St. & Edison Ave, Alamosa